Never Going Back


The Associates executed a listening party for Los Angeles Artist King Wanza's new EP Never Going Back


Location & Venue Setup
Custom Marketing Assets
Landing Page
Photography & Custom Backdrop
Photo editing & Retouching

Art & Media Direction
Budget Management
Food & Drink Menu Creation
Custom Memorabilia
Custom Decorations

The Vibe

The vibe for the listening party was "A superstar in the making" and we wanted guests to have a concert-esque experience starting from the overall brand aesthetic to the creative assets.

A custom greenscreen background made for the perfect photobooth feel, and attendees received "Backstage Pass" lanyards that also doubled as take home memorabilia. All guests also signed or left messages for King Wanza on a custom vinyl record to commemorate the event.

The final touch was a custom landing page where guests could download their pictures with King Wanza, and a place where that special night continues to live on. The site will also double as a platform for additional events and upcoming assets related to the EP.