The Associates is a Los Angeles based boutique consultancy that provides custom solutions in branding, business development, media, and specialty projects.

We were always inspired by​ the iconic Olivia Pope from the TV show 'Scandal'. We admired her character so much because​ we saw the same characteristics in our own professional values and work ethic : Strategic problem solving, constantly putting out fires, sacrifice, and the determination to achieve something greater. Oh, and let's not forget that wardrobe.

Even though it was just a show, the inspiration was real. The four of us, each with our own unique skillset, combine our talents in a collective effort to go above and beyond for our clients to get the job done, much like Olivia and her 'gladiators'. 

Now, we're the fixers  --  slaying PR dragons, making brand magic, and turning businesses into well-oiled machines. With every challenge that comes our way, the response will always be the same in true Pope fashion...

"It's handled"