How much do your services cost?

Our price model depends on the deliverables, timeline, resources, and other variables that fluctuate with each project. We offer flexible payment plans for many of our services over a certain threshold, and we try our best to work around all budgets within reasonable parameters. 

Branding and business elevation services should be considered an investment, and working with us will yield a high return!

What programs do you work with?

For graphics, we work with Adobe suite and Affinity. We understand many of our clients are not tech savvy or familiar with professional design software. We do our best to create assets that can be uploaded to programs like Canva for the client's ease of use and management.

For web design we build on WordPress, Wix, and Google. We recommend Shopify for businesses that are exclusively E-Commerce / retail, however, we are not Shopify developers and do not build Shopify stores. If clients only plan on selling a few items, Wix or WordPress with WooCommerce will work well.

What should I expect?

Our team is very detail-oriented, organized, and structured, so clients can expect a smooth, enjoyable, and timely process from inception to completion. We like to start with a meet and greet /  discovery call to find out exactly how we can help and what's needed. For larger clients with teams or departments located in Los Angeles, we usually prefer to meet in person to get a feel for the company culture and environment.

After the call or meeting, we deliberate internally to discuss whether the project or client is a good fit. We do not work with everyone, and we select projects very carefully.  We work best with individuals who are flexible, open-minded, and are prepared to be actively involved in the project process, as we will need to work closely together to share information and feedback.

If the team agrees to take on a project, we will prepare a proposal for client review with our terms, conditions, pricing, timeline, and outlined deliverables. Projects will not move forward without a signed proposal or contract and a deposit payment. 

After the project deliverables are met, many clients request a monthly or quarterly retainer for additional consulting or project maintenance, especially with web and business development services.